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Waimea Valley Gallery 

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Bridge over Waimea Valley

Waihi Falls - Famous in the old days Purple Represents Island of Kaua'i Hawaiian Moorhen

Red Represents Big Island of Hawaii

Yellow Represents the Island of Oahu

Pink Represents Island of Maui

Green Represents the Island of Moloka'i

King & Queen of Royal Court

The Hawaiian Airlines Float

Entertainer Aboard Hawaiian Airlines Float

Making the Hawaiian Airlines Float

Kamehameha Marching Band Outrigger Hotels Float Festival Beauties

Princes & Pricess of the Royal Court 2004



Waimea Valley Audubon Center, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Facts About Waimea Valley:

Waihi means "trickling water" in Hawaiian Language. This waterfall is located at the end of Waimea Valley.
Park visitors can just jump in the water. However, they need to observe the strict rules.
This was a site as known as a "high dive" show, once a cultural themed park few years ago.


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