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Waikiki Aquarium 2 Gallery 

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Living Mushroom Corals

Tropical Reef Fish Living Staghorn Corals Anemonefish and Living Corals
Longnose Butterflyfish

Anemonefish Weaving between Corals

Portuguese Man of War

Grouper fish Spotted Pufferfish Tropical Fish Anemonefish and Zoanthids Coral
Octopus 1 Octopus 2  


Waikiki Aquarium is located near Diamond Head Crater and operated by University of Hawaii, Manoa on the island of  Oahu. Included in its exhibits are tropical fish within Hawaiian islands and in the tropical Pacific Ocean region, as well as the endangered monk seals.
Facts about Waikiki Aquarium:
  1. Founded over a century ago, 1904
  2. One of the oldest public aquarium west of Mississippi
  3. Became part of University of Hawaii system since 1919
  4. Aquarium is located near a living reef on the protected shoreline in Waikiki



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